June, 2019

On behalf of the company COSTA NORTE MARINA COMERCIAL, S.L, the demolition of the old AQUA nightclub is carried out. In the industrial estate of Raos. It is a construction made on concrete structure, with interior walls and reinforced concrete pillars, as well as foundation slab. The most characteristic part of the construction was a pyramid of metal structure, about 25 m high and polycarbonate panels.

Prior to mechanical demolition, manual removal of waste disposed within the facility (plasterboard, glass, garbage, wood ...) has been performed.
The demolition has been carried out through the use of a backhoe with shears and demolition. The material obtained from the demolition has been valued in its entire practice. The ferric material in authorized manager (HIERROS Y METALES TIRSO S.A.) and the rubble by means of mobile crushing plant, using the material recovered in the landfill of the plot itself.