Demolición industrial en Punta de Parayas (Camargo, Cantabria)

October, 2019

The demolition of the buildings present within a plot, located in Punta Parayas, (Camargo, Cantabria), was commissioned by the company CINCAN S.A. The total area of ​​the plot is about 110,000 m2., and the built area occupied by the facilities being demolished is 6,395 m2. Prior to the demolition work, the removal and management of materials with the presence of asbestos, roofs (3175 m2) and downspouts (170 ml) have been carried out.
The demolition of buildings has been carried out with a backhoe equipped with a demolition shear. Hydraulic hammer has also been used for the demolition of the screeds of various buildings.
Finally, the debris resulting from the demolition has been valued on site through a mobile crushing plant, for reuse.