ERZIA manufactures two amplifiers that are heading Mars in the ExoMars mission

16 de March de 2016


The ExoMars mission has as one of its main objectives the analysis of the Martian atmosphere. The orbiter has four scientific instruments of observation and data collection being one of its main objectives the detection of methane and other gases found in the Martian atmosphere and may have both biological and geological origin.

One of these instruments is the NOMAD, within which travel two amplifiers radio frequency and two auxiliary plates designed and manufactured in Cantabria by the space unit ERZIA company, located in Santander. "For its relevance and scientific impact this is a vital mission for the European Space Agency. For us it is an honor to be part of Exomars providing several of the critical components of the NOMAD instrument" says Mr. David Díez, Director of the radio frequency and space unit.

The equipment provided by ERZIA are a critical part of the NOMAD spectrometer instrument to analyze the chemical composition of the Martian atmosphere. This activity is part of the work line of ERZIA dedicated to radio frecuency amplifiers and microwave, within the company is focused on serving the space, industrial and defense with efficient, reliable and high-performance solutions sectors.

ERZIA has already more than 14 years of experience in the development of equipment and systems where high reliability is key. In words of Mr. Luis Garcia, CEO of ERZIA, "Our goal has always been to provide products and services of the highest performance and high added value. These values fit perfectly with amplifiers that have embarked on this mission, assuming an important milestone for the company. "

In addition to activity in space and radio frequency satellite communications unit and Santander Teleport complete the lines of activity of the Cantabrian company, in constant development and growth since 2002.

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