Mujer y Talento desarrolla su primer concierto-experiencia en el Centro Botín

24 de May de 2019


Within the cultural program developed by Women and Talent, the association proposes a concert-experience in which the public is helped, on the one hand, to enjoy music and, on the other hand, to know five success stories of women who make their way In a very demanding field. The purpose of the session is:

+ Learn to appreciate and enjoy the musical characteristics of the different instruments, knowing them by the f their performers' help.
+ Live in common intense musical emotions.
+ Channel the shared musical emotion towards the need to support young women in their effort to develop their talent.

Interpreters: Grupo O Globo of the Reina Sofía Higher School of Music. It is a wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) formed by five students of the School.
Presenter: Álvaro Guibert. The presenter will bring the music to the public and encourage the performers themselves to present their instruments and tell their personal experience of the music. It will also encourage the public and interpreters to dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere.

Before the interpretation of the two complete musical works that appear in the program, fragments and examples of those same works are interpreted to facilitate their enjoyment and to know the first hand of the instruments and their interpreters.

Concert - Experience "Enjoy the music"


Gala Kossakowski, flute

Immaculate Veses, oboe

Natacha Strap, clarinet

Jessica Rueda, horn

Andrea Pérez, fag

Álvaro Guibert, presenter