Our company has a wealth of experience in ship-breaking –we have scrapped over 100 vessels of different types and tonnages: oil tankers, cargo ships, minesweepers, frigates, submarines and fishing trawlers.

All our work is subject to existing environmental legislation and we strictly follow health and safety measures.

These are some of the ships that have scrapped:

  • White Lady
  • Camponegro
  • Golfo Nicoya
  • Kimbrace
  • Marynarz Migala
  • Eugene y Carlo Schonhaar
  • Stefanos
  • Sorstein
  • Tuman
  • 12 Trawlers
  • Benedicte
  • Virgen de la Peña
  • Ship breaking and recycling.

    Tirso Demolición NavalTirso Demolición NavalTirso Demolición NavalTirso Demolición Naval

    "The dismantling of a ship involves researching what the ship was with its changes, transformations and the different routes that it has sailed. All of this gives us valuable information to proceed with its dismantling.

    Scrapping a ship is magical because they hold many stories, accumulated human experiences and different symbols within, which should treated with respect and consideration."

    Javier González

    Tirso Demolición Naval