Soil decontamination

1. Investigative and environmental studies

Tirso - Estudios de investigación y caracterización ambiental

Our company is committed to meeting quality and environmental management standards, and complying with current regulations. We offer our customers detailed research and characterization studies of contaminated soil.

We provide status reports, soil quality investigations, action plans according to requirements, inspection of facilities, environmental characterization, and chemical sampling and analysis programs.

2. Analysis of environmental risks

Tirso - Análisis de riesgos ambientales

In compliance with current legal requirements it is important to assess the environmental risks that allow us make an accurate judgment on contamination levels of soil, and thus to establish the best course of action in terms of recovering contaminated soils.

3. Decontamination and restore of the quality of soil

Tirso - Descontaminación y recuperación de la calidad del suelo

There are various techniques that we can use to decontaminate soil. Depending on the tests conducted, we will determine the best techniques necessary to restore soil quality.

Hierros y Metales Tirso holds the patent of a "biosensor prototype for the decontamination of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons via biological treatment" in collaboration with the University of Cantabria, Environmental Engineering Research Groups (GIA) and Construction Technology (GITECO).

We look for the best ways to restore soil quality.

Tirso - Descontaminación de SuelosTirso - Descontaminación de SuelosTirso - Descontaminación de Suelos

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