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May, 2019

On behalf of the company SEMARK AC GROUP S.A., we demolished an old wine cellar in Arnedo (La Rioja), for the subsequent construction of Lupa supermarket. The winery consisted of an business district and households, storage warehouse, warehouses and a spare parts and machinery warehouse. This winery was built in its totality of concrete structure (pillars, belts, trusses and tanks) with brick walls. The roof was made of tile and concrete slab. The total area of ​​the plot in which the winery was located is about 4750 m2.

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Dismantling an asbestos' Cover

December, 2018

Tirso has carried out the disassembly and management of the fiber cement roof of a warehouse in the industrial area of ​​Raos, Santander, contracted by Pilalva. Subsequent to the removal of the roof, part of the metal structure has been removed. The surface of the facilities is approximately 2.500 m2, and the height around 15 m.

Two work teams have been used simultaneously for the decking of the roof. After the removal of asbestos fibercement sheets, part of the structure that was oversized, has beet cut by oxyfuel equipment.


Demolición de silos de 35m. Sergacan, Puerto Santander

August, 2018 to October, 2018

Dentro de las instalaciones del Puerto de Santander, y lindando con el Barrio Pesquero, se ha realizado la demolición de las antiguas instalaciones de Sergacan. Estas se componían de una nave principal para almacenamiento, edificio de oficinas, torre de fabricación (de estructura y cerramiento metálico) y las edificaciones de los silos. Estas últimas eran las de mayor altura, aproximadamente 35 metros sobre la cota del terreno, y se componían de 8 silos de hormigón armado.

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Industrial demolition at Santander's Maritime Port

August, 2018 to October, 2018

Within the facilities of Santander's Port, Tirso has carried out the demolition of Basterrechea's facilities. It was a warehouse of about 2500 m2, covered with asbestos fiber cement sheets, on a concrete roof structure. The enclosure of the warehhouse was made of reinforced concrete walls, 50 cm thick. The maximum height was about 12 meters. First of all, we proceed with the interior cleaning, removing the waste and managing it in a landfill, in a segregated way.


Santander railway integration

May, 2018 to June, 2018

The companies PALOMERA OBRAS Y PROYECTOS SL and HIERROS Y METALES TIRSO SA constitute a UTE (Temporary Union of Companies), for the demolition works of Castila Street, 18-A, 18-B, 18-C, owned by ADIF, being the City of Santander the body in charge of the bidding and construction management. Due to the characteristics of the work, the demolition is mostly carried out manually, being necessary the placement of perimeter facade scaffolding, and with the continuous presence of a pilot authorized by ADIF.