Tirso, empresa demolicion, calcinor, dolomitas del norte, desguace, gestion residuos

Dismantling Dolomitas del Norte facilities

March, 2018 to April, 2018

Tirso has performed, on behalf of DOLOMITAS DEL NORTE company (integrated within CALCINOR group), the facilities' dismantling the company owns in Montehano, Escalante (Cantabria). It is a factory dedicated to the manufacture of sintered dolomite for the steel industry and the refractory brick manufacturing industry.

Tirso, empresa demolicion, cartes, centro comercial, incendio, fibrocemento, amianto, desguace, gestion residuos

Demolition of a burnt shopping center

February, 2018 to March, 2018

Hierros y Metales Tirso has demolished a shopping center in Santiago de Cartes (Cantabria) that was in a state of disaster due to a fire. In addition to the demolition and subsequent management of the waste (wood, paper and cardboard, garbage, etc.), the asbestos roof of the warehouses has been previously removed.

Grupo Tirso, Civalsa

Asbestos removal from Civalsa facilities

September, 2017 to October, 2017

The work done by Hierros y Metales Tirso S.A. has consisted in the removal and management of the asbestos sheets that made up the roof in Puente Arce (Cantabria), with an area of more than 2000 m2. In addition to the cover plates, broken plates scattered along the floor and its surroundings have been collected and managed.

The dismantled plates have been palletized on site for later loading in a transport truck, and finally they have been taken to an authorized landfill for their management.

Hierros y Metales Tirso es el encargado de gestionar las 23.000 luminarias que el Ayuntamiento santanderino ha sustituido con un presupuesto de 11 millones de euros. Santander ha implantado un sistema de telegestión en su alumbrado público, que pasa a estar formado por luminarias LED.  El plan de mejora en la eficiencia supone un ahorro del 80% del consumo energético y evita la emisión 11.000 toneladas al año de emisiones CO2. Según las estimaciones realizadas, de 21,4 kilovatios hora al año, el consumo pas

Tirso manages old Santander's luminaires

October, 2017

Hierros y Metales Tirso is in charge of managing luminarias that the City of Santander has replaced with a budget of 11 million euros. Santander has implemented a telemanagement system in its public lighting, which now consists of LED luminaires.
Hierros y Metales Tirso is a company authorized by the Government of Cantabria to manage WEEE (electrical and electronic equipment waste), and is affiliated with several integrated management systems (Asimelec, Ecopilas, Ecofimática, Tragamovil).

Grupo-Tirso, Ruth Beitia, amianto, fibrocemento

DISMANTLING Ruth Beitia facilities

August, 2017 to September, 2017

The company Hierros y Metales Tirso S.A. has been hired to remove the deck of the Ruth Beitia sports pavilion in Santander. In addition to the removal of the sheet metal panel, the fiberglass placed under it as an insulator, the metal fastening profiles and finally the asbestos plates have been removed. Due to the impossibility of introducing lifting machinery inside the pavilion by having only pedestrian doors, and the need to keep the floor in good condition, all work has been done from the top of the roof.