Tirso, desguace instalaciones cantera, Rosillo

Dismantling of the mine facilities "María del Carmen", in Angustina (Cantabria)

February, 2017

The work has consisted in the demolition of a mining infrastructure called "Maria del Carmen", in Angustina, (Cantabria), owned by the company Fernández Rosillo y Cía. S.L. The facilities demolished were two cement silos, 2.00 and 2.50 meters diameter and 8 meters high, a kneading plant, 5 m2 in plant and about 15 meters in height, two conveyors, 18 and 35 meters in length, three aggregate storage and distribution hoppers, eight aggregate storage and distribution hoppers and one feeder and one crushing mill.

Tirso, amianto cemex castillejo, desguace, demolición


November, 2016

The work has been contracted by CEMEX OPERATIONS S.L.U., in the cement factory that the company has in Castillejos, Toledo.
The work consisted in removing more than 1000m2 of asbestos. Previously, we had to clean the cement accumulated on the deck plates.

Tirso, desguace cemex, demolición alcazar de san juan

DISMANTLING CEMEX Concrete PLANT (Alcazar de San Juan)

September, 2016

Tirso has dismantled a concrete plant facilities in Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), for the company CEMEX OPERATIONS S.L.U.
The work consisted in the removal and management of asbestos cement slabs, the subsequent demolition by backhoe of the buildings, and the dismantling of existing equipment (silos, conveyors, hoppers for storage and distribution of aggregates).

Tirso, desguace fábrica Nutrexpa, demoliciones,

DISMANTALING nutrexpa plant

June, 2016 to August, 2016

The work has consisted in the uninstallation of a shakes' manufacture plant, in Palencia. The following works have been carried out by HIERROS Y METALES TIRSO S.A.: extraction, cleaning and inerting of equipment and installations, tanks, compressors, condensers, valves, piping network, instrumentation and control, cooling towers ...

Tirso, desmantelamiento Audi, desguace nave industrial Hercos, Demolición rosillo

Industrial dismantling in Peñacastillo

August, 2016

The demolitions and their corresponding waste management have been carried out, for the refurbishment of an industrial warehouse in the El Campón polygon, Peñacastillo (Santander), which changes its use, going from being a furniture store to an Audi dealer.
The first work consisted in the demolition and removal, by light machinery and manually, of the existing elements. Metal and concrete slabs have been demolished subsequently, as well as offices, toilets and facades.