tirso, barrio pesquero, demolicion de nave industrial, desguace y retirada de amianto


July, 2016

In the Fishing district of Santander, the demolition of a group of old industrial facilities dating from the middle of the last century has been carried out. They were conceived as port warehouses and enabled for productive activities afterwards. Its last occupant was a company dedicated to the rent of machinery, among other activities. These were six conventional buildings interconnected, of different construction, with metallic structure, brick walls, metal or concrete trusses, wooden or concrete straps, various slabs, etc.

Tirso, desmantelamiento supermercado LIDL Erandio

demolition of lidl supermarket in erandio

June, 2016

The work consisted on the demolition for new run, of a LIDL supermarket in Erandio, Vizcaya. The supermarket facilities have been annexed to an adjacent vessel due to the expansion. The work done as a subcontractor by HIERROS Y METALES TIRSO S.A. has been, on the one hand, the demolition of the building itself supermarket and offices of the settlement attached by backhoe shear and cutting torch beams union with the structure master of the ship.

Tirso, empresa especializada en la recuperación y el reciclaje en Cantabria, Demoliciones y desguaces, compra y venta de metales y chatarra, retirada de amianto y fibrocemento en Cantabria

demolition of the Colindres Fisherman's warehouse

February, 2016 to April, 2016

The main contractor of the work has been ASCAN S.A.

Tirso performed the demolition of approximately 700 m2 corresponding to stores owned by the Fisherman Association of Colindres. Before proceeding, Tirso withdrew asbestos cover following the security protocol.

For demolition, Tirso used a backhoe with hydraulic hammer. Once the building was demolished, we proceeded to the collection and transport of the resulting material to an authorized service center.

Best demolition Spain, Demolición civil de puentes en Cantabria para FCC, Corte con disco e hilo de diamante en Cantabria, reciclaje y gestión de residuos en Bilbao, Hierros y Metales Tirso Asturias


March, 2016

Demolition of a provisional overpass over the river Pámanes (PK 9 + 400) of the Solares - La Encina highway. The company contractor of the work has been FCC Construccion SA.

The overpass was built for use as an interim step during the construction of the motorway. Once this work ended, we proceed to demolition. This is a step composed of three concrete beams (60 cm thick), with a reinforced concrete slab (30 cm thick), 5.5 m wide and 9 m long. The weight of the structure was 54 tons.

Tirso, Retirada de cubierta de uralita, amianto y fibrocemento en Cantabria, Demoliciones y reciclaje en Santander, Gestión de residuos en Bilbao, desguace de instalaciones de Sbesa en Cantabria, desmontaje industrial en Asturias


December, 2015 to March, 2016

Demolition of Sbesa facilities in El Astillero (Cantabria). They were intended for the manufacture of precast concrete.

Previous work has involved the selective removal of waste (paper, wood, electrical and electronic equipment, glass ...), and removal of asbestos cover of approximately 3,000 m2.