Grupo-Tirso, Ruth Beitia, amianto, fibrocemento

DISMANTLING Ruth Beitia facilities

August, 2017 to September, 2017

The company Hierros y Metales Tirso S.A. has been hired to remove the deck of the Ruth Beitia sports pavilion in Santander. In addition to the removal of the sheet metal panel, the fiberglass placed under it as an insulator, the metal fastening profiles and finally the asbestos plates have been removed. Due to the impossibility of introducing lifting machinery inside the pavilion by having only pedestrian doors, and the need to keep the floor in good condition, all work has been done from the top of the roof.

Tirso, desguace horno Vitrinor, especialistas en demoliciones

Dismantling in Vitrinor facilities

July, 2017

The work consisted of the scrapping of a drying oven inside the facilities of the company Vitrinor in Guriezo. The measures of the furnace were 6m wide, 12m long and 4m high. The main inconvenience for the realization of the scrapping has been the little space available within the installation, both for the access of the machinery and the transport truck, since it has had to reconcile the scrapping work with the normal operation of the factory.

Tirso, acondicionamiento punta parayas

Conditioning of Submarine Recovery facilities in Santander

December, 2016 to April, 2017

Screening of land mixed with inert waste has been carried out in the old facilities of Recuperaciones Submarinas, in Punta Parayas (Santander). This is a plot of 110,000 m2 where the ship dismantling was carried out. That is why, currently, and already ceased the activity, the plot was with numerous types of waste. The work has consisted of a previous selection of the voluminous waste, with backhoe with clamp, removing the woods, concrete blocks, wheels and tires, rubber .... These wastes have been loaded onto a transport truck and managed at an authorized landfill.

Tirso,demolición nave industrial indatos en el barrio pesquero, desguace santander

dismantling indatos facilities in santander

January, 2017 to March, 2017

In the Fishing Neighborhood of Santander, Tirso has demolished the facilities owned by Indatos. It was an old warehouse dated in 1929. The warehouse expanded in 1942 until occupying the whole of the lot, leaving a large central patio with asbestos roof. The total area of ​​the warehouse was 2460 m2, with 5.50 m height.

Tirso, desguace cabrete en Candina, Santander

Dismantling the old municipal facilities for vehicles, in Santander

March, 2017

At the Industrial Area of Candina (Santander), the dismantling of a metallic wrought was carried out on the entire surface of an industrial building of 2000 m2. Previously, the facilities were used as a municipal building for stocking vehicles of the City of Santander, but a change in its use has forced the dismantling, leaving the building completely diaphanous.